Because the glass is always half full.

About Me

Hi there! I'm Truan (and yes, I was a Truant at school, in case you were wondering) and I live in Sydney, Australia.

I have a love of capturing emotion in pictures, online shopping and Charmed. Yes, the TV show.

I've only been blogging since 2011. I have the goal that I would like you to read my posts and think "Cool, that was helpful" or "Hey, that's a great DIY!". I'd like to inspire you to make something or capture something, the way other bloggers have inspired me! So here I post about my life, photography, decor, fashion and things that make me laugh.

Thanks for visiting!

About Me

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Hey! Welcome to my blog :) I'm a bit of a photography nut, with a passion for reading, baking and I've recently started DIYing stuff. It's fun! Have a squizz around!


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