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Friday, 31 August 2012

A Learning Experience

I've been sick all this week (the flu going around right now is damn clingy!) and I'm only now getting the chance to check out the photos from last Saturday's wedding.

It was a lovely ceremony, and quite a learning experience. I learnt bits and pieces from another photographer who was there - he has knowledge! It was pretty interesting. For example, he told me that if you want to be an assistant photographer, the way he went about it, was nagging. He found a photographer who's work he really loved and just didn't give up when he was told no. He said you'll get told NO a lot, and just don't give up - if it's what you really want to do.

So for any photographers who I admire, who might be reading this - I apologize!

I also learnt a few tips, like getting nice and close to an object (I already do that, I love macro photography) and changing the viewpoint. He had a pretty awesome camera set up too. A 5D Mark II, with a diffuser and battery pack. It looked most excellent!

Here's a little sneak peak :)

More pics to come!

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