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Monday, 24 September 2012

My Week in Instagram

This past week was special, fun, romantic, sad and satisfying.

It was John's birthday, presents and cakes galore.

My Dad came over for business, but we got to hang out too :)

I also had a funeral to go to, for someone truly caring, inspirational and well loved. It was a lovely service though; before he died, he requested that everyone wear bright clothes, and instead of flowers to bring a shrub or small tree to plant. His wife (my high school teacher and friend) told us some hilarious stories, and at the end some of his close friends did the Maori Haka - intensely awesome.

Some lovely moments were shared between my boyfriend and I. Without sounding too mushy or gushy, he's an amazing person and I'm so glad I found him.

Hope your weekend was all of the above and more!


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