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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Long weekend + beaches & sunshine

This past weekend was excellent. It was a long weekend, so we got to chill out and do whatever we wanted (doesn't happen too often!).

I did a bush run (John did one too, but he runs at a faster pace!) and stacked it pretty bad. My skins are ripped (might have to invest in some 2XU's??) and got a pretty gross gash on my knee. But I continued on for another 20 mins, and felt pretty good (apart from the knee-gash).

We watched a new TV series (The Tudors - reviews anyone?), spent lazy afternoons in the sun reading The Casual Vacancy, took Marley to a beach (with the whitest sand ever!) stayed up late and watched scary movies, had a bbq and just relaxed; it was heaven.

Here are some of my snaps :)

 Also, I enrolled in my Diploma in Photography! Very exciting!

It's by correspondance and I haven't had the best luck before sticking to such a relaxed schedule - any tips?


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