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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

5 Things I Like About Work

Ok, so today I'm at work (with no shoes on - damn rain!) and I thought rather than getting frustrated with work, I'd try and find some things I like about it (work, not frustration).

So here goes.

1. It's something to do (yeah, I know that's lame)
2. I'm earning money (yay!)
3. It makes the time pass fairly quickly, so I can look forward to nights where I can do whatever I want
4. Sometimes we can bring our animals in (while the boss is away, we play!)
5. Sometimes I get to talk to cool people

Well I feel a bit better about work. Why don't you try it? Find five things you like about something you don't usually enjoy :)


  1. You can bring your pet? Lucky!

  2. Haha it's quite rare, unfortunately. But yeah, if both bosses are away then we can! :)


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