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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Xmas Gifts (aka - love post for Etsy!) Part 1!

(Previous Xmas post got deleted, it was having a bad blog day!)

I really tried to get in early for Xmas presents this year. I hate last minute scrambles! If we're (Aussies) ordering stuff from overseas, it can take up to six weeks so we gotta get in quick! So I ordered a lovely engraved necklace for my Nana from Etsy from here. Love!

I also reckon something like this vintage camera would be a perfect gift for someone who's into photography (like me!). Check it! 

I was thinking of getting something like this for a friend of mine who's getting married again (vowel renewal).
Cute huh?

General Pants Co and Sportsgirl have some really cute little gifts, like funky mugs, teapots, cushions, vintage accessories - the list goes on!

Happy shopping!!

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