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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas is coming!

I am SUPER excited about the Christmas Holidays, I'm off work from the 16th December and back to work on January 10th. It'll be the longest holiday I've had in years! I'm taking my boyfriend of 10 months (John) over to Perth (Western Australia) to meet my other side of the family. Plus he hasn't been to Perth before, so I'm excited to show him around. We'll be hitting up Rottnest Island (pic below), and hanging out with the Quokkas (pic below). I know, they're weird right? Like crossed between a kangaroo and a rat. Yeah. Oh and swimming, lots of swimming, but I would like to fit into that swim suit at Christmas... that's another post though!


  1. My favorite time of the year! Sooo jealous of your vacation time. In the states we only get a day off here-and-there.

  2. Wow really? You work through the holiday season? Do you get time off during the year? :)


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