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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I Just Love the Smell of Old Books

To me, there's something amazing about the smell of old books. I've always loved going into second hand books stores, and searching the shelves for something awesome.
There's an excellent second hand book store in Glebe, called Sappho Books. They have heaps of old books, first editions, sheet music and a lovely little cafe - that becomes a wine and tapas bar at night!

However, my most recent purchase was a little more modern. I bought it from eBay!

So, do you shop in second hand bookstores? Or do you prefer your books brand-spankin new? Or, do you own an e-reader? I'd love to know!

Hope your day is spectacular :)


  1. If i'm buying a book I prefer a second hand one, I love the smell and feel of old book pages. I tend to borrow books from the library lately - saves the pennies!

    1. Definitely, there's nothing like it! I would love to buy books from libraries, like old stock or something. Once I get a book I just don't want to give it back! :)

  2. I love that smell, too! It reminds me of growing up, looking through my mom's old books. I am a hybrid reader. Some new books, some used, some electronic... I'll take it all. i just love to read (and I wish I had more time for it).

    1. Me too! My parents used to have old books, and that smell always brings back good memories :)

      Yep, if I had my way, I'd spend my days reading :) Nothing beats reading in the sunshine with a cuppa!


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