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Monday, 16 July 2012

DIY Bathroom Storage/Jewelry Stand

I have a little bit of habit of collecting stuff. Cosmetics, clothes, shoes... So this weekend I made a bathroom storage stand (I've seen them around on Pinterest - check out my DIY board) so our bathroom could look a little less cluttered!

So much better. 

This is how I did it: 

One small, one large plate
Candlestick (I bought mine from Dusk)
Decorative paper (craft store) 
Crystal clear laminating spray (craft store)
Super glue (gel form works better for this)

Trace the inner circle of the plate on the paper with a light pencil or chalk (pen comes through!). 
Cut out the paper, and super glue it onto the plate. Let it set. 
Spray plates with laminating spray, wait at least an hour for it to set. I'd advise doing it outside - it's quite smelly! 
Once both plates are dry, use the super glue to attach the candlestick to each plate. Press down firmly. 
Wait an hour or so, then put it in your bathroom! You could also make use it as a cake or jewelry stand :)  

It definitely made my bathroom more guest-worthy for the BBQ we had on the weekend! 

On another note, I have a super exciting giveaway this week from Bling Trees this week - so stay tuned! 


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