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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Advice to my Younger Self

What's that saying, "If I had known then, what I know now..." or something along those lines? Anyway, I like to think I've matured since high school and become comfortable in my own skin.

So if I could give my younger self some advice, this is what I'd tell her:

Dear 14-year-old Me,

You're not the kind of person who has lots of friends, and you think that's lame. But when you've reached my age (the ripe old age of 23 - I still have lots to learn too!), you'll see it's not lame - it's just the kind of person you are. You have a few great friends, whom you're just getting to know now, and they'll still be in your life 9 years later. 
I remember feeling excited by spending time with them, and getting to know them so make sure you don't take them for granted. Although I said you're still friends with them now, it doesn't mean they'll necessarily be in the same city (or even the same country!) as you. So make it count. 

I know you aren't happy with your appearance, but it does get better. You will lose weight. You will get braces (at 21, but better late than never!) to fix that one stupid tooth. Your skin will clear up. You will figure out how to do something with that wacky head of hair. It will get better. 

As for boys, well. We both know that's an awkward subject. You'll be the first of your friends to get a serious boyfriend (at 15! Parents won't be happy!) and it'll always be a little tough. Trying to bridge the age gap, and trying to make everyone get along will be exhausting. You'll be with him for a good long while, and you really do try and make it work. You learn a lot from him, but he's just not the one for you. 
A little while later, you'll meet an amazing man. He's romantic, special, kind and generous and gets along with your family (like a house on fire!) and you just know. I won't give away all the good bits (and there are many!), but you will count yourself so incredibly lucky. So don't worry, you will eventually meet this amazing person, who's your best pal and who you're so grateful to have in your life.  

Oh and as for a career? It's going to take you a while to figure it out... as in I just figured it out. But don't worry! You'll learn lots along the way, and it'll be interesting and fuel your curiosity to learn more.
It might have made things a little easier if I had known then what I wanted to do. But I don't regret waiting 'til now - I've been inspired by so many amazing people that I wouldn't change a second of it! 

So, my shy, slightly-chubby 14-year-old self: I know you can't wait to grow up and live your own life. But this is a time when you have your best friends around you, you're experiencing new things and you're learning new things every day. You're also getting to spend quality time with your parents, which is important. Be happy with that, 'coz once you're a grown up (am I? Not sure) you have other life things to worry about - rent, bills, career etc, etc. You have a great life ahead of you and it will come, so be patient! Oh, and you will get a tattoo (or two) eventually. 

Your 23-year-old self. 

P.S. Get on the blogging bandwagon would you? It's so much more than you thought it was! Trust me. 

I reckon I will have learnt/experienced many more things by the time I'm 32 (gosh!) after all, isn't that what life is all about??

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  1. Love this letter to yourself Tru. I had read it ages ago, but just read it again. Nice work.


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