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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Faux Leather DIY Cuff

I love simple DIY's; throwing something handmade together with just a few supplies is one of my favorite things to do! Not to mention I also love the fact that I'm wearing something totally original. Plus, I'm loving copper and rose gold, so I'm trying to include it in as many projects as possible!

So, this is what you need:

10 - 15cm of faux leather
Copper wire
Jump rings
Swivel clips

What you do: 

Cut some leather/vinyl the length of your wrist, with about 1-2 cm extra. 
Make a hole in each end, and thread the rings through. 
Attach the clip on one side, and you're done!

I'm thinking I might add some studs or pearls on it, for a little oomph! :)

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