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Monday, 19 March 2012

Hello Monday, I don't think you should be here!

Well my weekend totally flew by! How was yours?

My lovely boyfriend had Saturday off, so we decided to make our first trip to IKEA. I love all the things you can get at Ikea, but I don't actually like GOING there. And my boyfriend isn't particularly keen on shopping (although incredibly patient when I have an overwhelming urge to add to my wardrobe) so I didn't really want to subject him to the crowds and stress that is, unfortunately Ikea.
However, it was actually quite fun! We enjoyed walking around the showroom, looking at all the things we'd like to get for our space, imagining ourselves coming back to buy stuff when we get our own place. And it was quite funny heaving the heavy boxes off the shelves onto our trolley!
The best part though would probably have to be putting it all together, it took all afternoon and some of the night to put our new purchases together; but we're so happy we did it. Our space looks excellent now, and more ours (rather than just mine). 

On Sunday we were down at John's folks' place (and made a pit-stop at my craft store! Excited!); he and his brother went for a run while his Dad and I went for a bush walk in the National Park. It's a excellent spot to explore - if you're ever in Sydney make sure you make a trip there!

Are you a bush walk fan? I love being out there, it's so peaceful and enjoyable.

(P.s I was standing on a waterfall when I took the above pic!)

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