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Friday, 16 March 2012

Color Block Love

I know most of you are in the US and are experiencing lovely spring weather, but down here in Australia we're at the start of Autumn - aka the start of duller colors, darker afternoons and warmer food. Well! I don't agree with that. I love colors and I actually quite like the cool crisp days that sometimes come along with Autumn and Winter. So, just because the time of beach days, shorts and ice creams are over for now doesn't mean us Aussies should shy away from happy, chipper colors and even evening activities (outdoor garden movie night, anyone??).

Here's my color block love for Autumn.

 (photo credit)
 (photo credit)
(photo credit)

(photo credit)

(photo credit)

Are you a fan of color blocking? I know it makes me feel happy wearing lovely bright colors!

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