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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

I like the idea of Valentine's Day but I'm sure if people celebrated their love more often, people would be a lot happier! Anyway, I did some searching and found some gifts for everyone :)

There's always the traditional gifts, if you get really stuck.
For example, us ladies are always happy with flowers and chocolates :) As for the gents, showing them that you care (and listen) by getting them something that has to do with their interests or hobbies. It doesn't always have to be romantic, but thoughful is important. For example, for our first Valentine's Day, I got my boyfriend a early edition of a Roman history book, knowing that he liked Roman history.

But, if you wanted to be a little more creative, here are some ideas...

  • Pack a picnic. Include homemade pastry hearts like these (super easy!) and any other lovely foods that your partner (and you) like. I'm thinking chocolate, crackers with that delicious bitey vintage cheese (pack with something cold!), maybe a cold drink? And make sure you pack a blanket! :)

Check out more picnic recipes here.

  • And there's also another crafty thing I thought of (especially if you're on a budget!). It's similar to the above, but it's more of a lucky dip. You'll need a large jar (big enough to put your hand in) and some small square paper (like the size of the standard post-its). Think of things you'd like to do together, write them down and fold them up. Chuck them all in the jar and pull one out whenever you feel like it! 

Where do you stand on Valentine's Day? Are you for it? Against it? Indifferent? I'd love to hear!

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