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Monday, 5 December 2011

Weekendly Goodness & More Gifts

Why do weekends pass by so damn quickly?? 

I was very chipper on Saturday because I got to go to the Glebe Markets - the home of hippies, handmade jewelry and awesome vintage finds. For example, I bought some Tony Bianco leather vintage boots for a measly $50! Score. And they're so comfy too. I actually bought them for a DIY project I saw on Mr Kate, but I can't bear to cut them up! So, I'm still in the market for some cowboy boots.

I also found some lovely handmade jewelry (kicking myself now that I didn't buy it!), awesome printed tees and, just, so many more awesome things. It's fantastic. If you're in Sydney, and you like vintage stuff - GO THERE.

Then on Sunday - Xmas shopping! Wow that's exhausting. Seriously. I bought my boyfriend's sister Louise some gorgeous sapphire earrings (they're going to look so beautiful on her!) and a four pack of opi nail polish. They're mini ones!

Did I mention I love shopping??

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